Tips for Planning a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Whether you are going with your friends, your family or your date, there are some basic tips to know when you plan to go on a hot air balloon ride. Especially if you are going for the first time, it is very important that you know what you have to do or follow in order to have a safe trip. Here are some of the basic rules or practices you need to know.

Listen to the Staff

The very first thing you need to remember is that you need to listen to the staff. While the ride will be really adventurous and fun, if you don’t follow the right rules, it can be dangerous. The staff members will explain to you the safety instructions, especially when it comes to taking off and landing. Listen to and follow their advice if you want to have both a safe and enjoyable flight.

Wear Proper Clothes

The higher you go the lower the temperature gets. As you go up, the temperature can drop to nearly 15 degrees. Make sure you are layered enough to protect yourself from the cold. Closed toe shoes or sneakers are preferred by a lot of people who have already experienced the flights. Since the wind will also be stronger, wearing a skirt will not work. Instead wear jeans or pants.

Guard Your Belongings

You will be up in almost 5000 feet in the air so make sure you keep all your belongings; especially valuable ones secure. It is not fun if your camera, phone or wallet just fall over. Anything that is valuable, keep them inside a bag. Make sure your camera strap is secured either around your neck or your arm so it won’t fall when you try to take photos.

Pick Your Time Wisely

Time your trip carefully. Firstly, you need to be aware of the weather. Plan the trip early just in case so it gives you enough time to reschedule the trip if it gets cancelled due to bad weather. When choosing a ride, it is always better if you can book one during sunrise or sunset and pick a beautiful scenic area like a yarra valley hot air balloon ride. This will give you the best view from above.

Take Care of the Other Members in Your Group

If this is a family trip, then remember that generally kids under six years of age are not allowed on flights. This is often because the balloon baskets tend to be taller than they are making it hard for them to enjoy the view. If anyone is afraid of heights, then this is not the trip you should take. Also remember to check of anyone in your group has motion sickness. Pregnant mothers, anyone with chronic diseases are asked to check with a doctor before flying.

Knowing the right steps to follow before a trip will make your trip safer. A safe adventure allows you to have more fun and less worrying.



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